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Navigating an Unexpected NICU Stay: The Boyd Family’s Story

Earlier this spring, Maggie and Nick Boyd were declared the winners of Hand to Hold’s NICU Grand Prize Giveaway, which offered them an opportunity to share their story and raise crucial funding to help further Hand to Hold’s mission. Their winning story gives them the opportunity to present a $5K prize package to their son’s […]

{Friday Feature} Finding Connection and Healing Through Women’s Stories

Throughout my life I have always been fascinated by other people’s stories. I was a journalism major in college and was known to be more engaged in listening to the conversation at the table next to me at a restaurant than my dinner companions’.  I always joked that I was interested in other’s tales because my […]

Stacy’s Story

This story was thoughtfully shared by Stacy, one of our readers. Haylie We found out we were pregnant with our 1st 2 months after we got married. It was an easy pregnancy, I worked all the way through, I had a lot of “braxton hicks” but that’s it. I even played volleyball the day before […]

The Story of Alayna Marrie

Thoughtfully submitted by reader’s Marria and Raul. Alayna Marrie was born at 32 weeks in Brandon,Fl., due to my preeclampsia.  All throughout my pregnancy she was a fighter.  I was in and out of the emergency room, for spotting, severe headaches, high blood pressure…till they had to hospitalize me at 30 weeks for preeclampsia and […]

Introduction of Drake

I have never written a blog but I am overwhelmed with the need to share my story and hope it finds people who can benefit from my experiences.  So as I sit and wonder where to begin, I figured my first blog should introduce you to the little miracle I will be writing about, Drake.  […]