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A Mother’s Voice

Although, I’ve only been a mother for two short years, it did not take long for me to realize the power of a mother’s voice. It was 30, excruciatingly long, hours after giving birth to Benjamin, via emergency c-section, that I was given permission to see my baby for the very first time. My husband […]

Surviving the Post-NICU Roller Coaster

The nurses kept saying that the ups and downs of my son’s NICU experience were all just “part of the roller coaster ride of the NICU.” The NICU, to me, was not a roller coaster. There was nearly nothing fun about it. Our NICU ride left me dizzy, uncertain of which way was up. It […]

12 Tips for Getting Synagis Injections Approved

Getting Synagis injections approved by insurance companies can be cumbersome, but for me the threat of my babies catching RSV was always worse. So, I stumbled my way through several Synagis approval scenarios. Hopefully, these tips can make your Synagis quest a little easier. But first, it’s important to understand that there are general guidelines that […]

Advice For Parents Of Preemies: Learning To Ask The Questions

My daughter was two months old on the day that I discovered that I had missed her first bath. And her second. And her third. And I don’t actually know how many others because I was too embroiled in my emotions, simultaneously outraged and heartbroken, to ask. Scarlette was born at twenty five weeks. At […]