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This Road We Call Preemie Life

During the 29 weeks I was pregnant with my preemie, I tried to go for as many walks as I could. Those walks helped me feel so much better mentally, as well as physically. As I walked I would lovingly rub my growing belly, the weather growing colder as fall turned into winter, daydreaming about […]

Talking to Your Child about Their Disability

“Yes I Can” Starts with Coaching by Us At some point, parents and caregivers have to cross a hard bridge: to tell a child about his disability. Admittedly, I didn’t watch a lot of the coverage of the sports coverage from Rio this year. However, when I stumbled across the Channel 4 Rio Paralympics promotional […]

Back to the Battlefield of Prematurity

Today, I am leaving Preemie Babies 101 behind. I am reluctantly packing my bags and heading out on a road that I know nothing about, yet everything about. I am heading back into the battlefield of prematurity. While my daughter is 3-1/2 and you’d think that her prematurity is behind her, you’d soon realize there […]

The Therapy Waiting Room

Dear Mom trying to hold it together, I’m sorry that your little one is having such a hard time lately. I’m just never quite sure if I should try to strike up a conversation with you as we awkwardly wait in this cold, little room. I want to respect your privacy and I apologize for […]

The Mother I Didn’t Want To Be

I spent a year waiting to see if I could live with the man I married (he didn’t live in the same country until a month after the fact) before we considered having children. Three, to be precise. One to complain that they were the oldest child, one to complain that they were the youngest, and […]