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What to Expect on Discharge Day

Remember the saying, “Expect the unexpected?” It applies here too. On NICU discharge day. Just like there are processes and procedures while your baby is in the NICU, there are processes and procedures for leaving the NICU. The NICU nurses will not send you home unprepared. Getting ready to leave and being prepared at home […]

{Giveaway} BABYBJÖRN

We have an exiting MEGA giveaway this month for two baby products from BABYBJÖRN, a Babysitter Balance  (bouncer) and Baby Carrier Miracle (infant carrier). BABYBJÖRN Babysitter Balance The BABYBJÖRN Babysitter Balance can help babies with motor skills and balance as they enjoy the gentle rocking motion. These ergonomic bouncers are baby-powered which means – no batteries required!  The […]