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Hand to Hold’s 3rd Annual Baby Shower Luncheon a Success!

Thanks to all of our generous guests and sponsors, Hand to Hold’s 3rd Annual Baby Shower in Oz was a success! Find out more about the event! [Read more]

A Word from 2016 Baby Shower Luncheon Chair Fayruz Benyousef

Never in a million years does a family expect that they will have a premature baby or experience the tragic loss of an infant. Within less than five years we experienced both. [Read more]

Why I’m Passionate About Hand to Hold

The four happiest days of my life were my wedding day to Michael, and birthdays of our three children, Sarah (13), Will (12), and Tom (9). As far back as I can remember I always wanted to be a mom. Motherhood is one reason I’ve always been drawn to Hand to Hold and held its mission […]