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Kristine B’s Birth Story

My name is Kristine B. and my daughter’s name is Chloe Leigh Anne. She was born 7 weeks early at 4lbs 15ozs. She was kept for only 6 days under observation. Actually, she was discharged a day before I was so she was my little visitor for a night. I started having very high blood […]

Krista H’s Amazing Birth Story

Krista H shares the story of the birth of her twins at 23 weeks gestation after a difficult pregnancy and seven years of infertility and a miscarriage. Her daughter Adelaide was born at 1 lb 5 oz and earned her angel wings due to complications from NEC. Her surviving twin Henry is now home from the NICU and weighs 9 lbs 9 oz. Though they mourn the loss of Addie, they are focussed on staying strong for Henry and “plan to make his life beautiful.” [Read more]

From Hope to Joy – Jennifer D’s Amazing Birth Story

What were the circumstances surrounding your child’s birth? I was diagnosed with 100% placenta previa at 17 weeks pregnant after a major hemorrhage while on a school field trip with my high school students. I was in and out of the hospital on bed rest and had three additional life threatening hemorrhages requiring numerous blood transfusions until […]

{Friday Feature} The Turner Family & Preemie Vanessa

My daughter, Vanessa, was born at 36 weeks and 6 days. She was born in that nebulous late phase preterm (she was literally 4 hours shy of 37 weeks) gestation, not quite term. When she was born, she did not cry right away, and they rushed her over to the warming table and began tapping on […]

Elizabeth W’s Story

by Elizabeth Wiley The prompt was tell your whole story. How can I write a whole story? Because a story of a person, or a family, doesn’t have a beginning and it doesn’t have an end. If you think about it, we existed in our parents who existed in their parents. We have no beginning. […]