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Huggies Launches New Nano Preemie Diaper

This month Huggies® launched their smallest diaper yet, the Little Snugglers Nano Preemie diaper, designed to fit micro preemies weighing under two pounds. Develoed in partnership with NICU nurses as a part of Huggies’® No Baby Unhugged program, the diaper is designed especially to protect the delicate and sometimes paper-thin skin of micro preemies. It’s smaller […]

Bonding with Your Medically Fragile Baby in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

by Dawn K. Gibson, LCSW

When you initially became pregnant, birthing your baby and having him or her whisked away to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) by hospital staff was most likely not in your plan.

Many parents know that bonding after childbirth is important for both parents and baby, and you may have had some ideas about what this meant to you. You might have visualized yourself holding your baby right after the birth, looking into his or her eyes lovingly, or just lying skin-to-skin for a time. No matter what your vision, the reality of birthing a medically fragile infant is typically very different from these images. You may not have been able to hold, let alone touch, your baby right away and you may now be worried that you have lost a major opportunity to bond with your baby. Please know that this is not true. There are many other ways to bond with your baby – even during his or her NICU stay. [Read more]

What Does That Mean? Reading Your Baby’s Cues

Cues are the signals your baby uses to show what they are feeling and how they are coping with the world around them. Babies can show this both through their behavior and through changes in their physiological state. [Read more]

Parenting With Confidence

“She’s yours. What do you think?”

Those words hit me like a ton of bricks. We had been home from our 12 week NICU stay for about 6 months. Our 27 weeker was now 9 months old. It was the weekend and I had called the on-call number for our pediatrician to ask if I should take our baby to the MedCheck for a cough. As he spoke those words I realized that I still struggled at times to have the confidence to make medical decisions for my daughter. [Read more]

Reading to Your Preemie: One of the Greatest Gifts You Can Give

The first gift my preemie ever received was a book. A brand, new, book. It had been placed in a drawer next to his isolette. It didn’t really matter what book it was. What mattered is that it was there waiting for him. And for me and his dad.

Thanks to the phenomenal work of a special mom and her immense family of volunteers at Project Cameron’s Story, every baby that is admitted to my local hospital’s NICU is given a brand new book to keep. Why? some of you may ask. Well, when you read to preemies, two amazing things happen. [Read more]