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Children’s Books About Prematurity

How do you explain delicate topics of prematurity, loss and the NICU to a child? The following books have been reviewed and recommended for parents looking to teach children about their own journey through prematurity or looking to support the sibling of a preemie. For even more books for children, specifically siblings of premature babies, visit our Sibling Support section of […]

What to Read or Watch While Pumping and Nursing

My preemie, Theo, never latched, so I exclusively pumped for over sixteen months, ending only because my supply stopped. During that time I logged many hours (many of them in the middle of the night) with my Kindle, devouring books and binge-watching TV shows. I’m a librarian by trade and it is my job to offer […]

{Giveaway} Deanna Fei’s Girl in Glass – Autographed Copy!

Last November I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a luncheon presented by Patient Privacy Rights, a nonprofit organization based in my city of Austin. The guest speaker was none other than author Deanna Fei, who made headlines when she wrote an article for Slate titled My baby and AOL’s bottom line, after then AOL […]

Tiny But Mighty

Since we beat the odds against delivering within 24 hours, we were hopeful I would continue for weeks. Unfortunately things changed that afternoon when I got up to use the bathroom.

The nurse asked if I was sure I did not feel anything unusual, and I assured her I just needed to use the restroom. When I sat down, I felt as if I had to urinate but could not. I instinctively reached down to feel something I knew was not right.

It was a baby’s head. [Read more]

From Blog Writer to Book Author

Many of you have been reading our blog articles for some time now, but did you know many of the contributors are book authors as well?  Our experiences in the NICU or during a high risk pregnancy have caused us to want to share not only our experience, but the knowledge we have gained during these times.  […]