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Feeding Difficulties & Your Preemie

by Anne Boon, MS, CCC-SLP After being intubated with a breathing tube for so many months Bryce’s ‘suck muscles’ were weak and trying to feed from the bottle took so much energy that he would tire out before filling his belly. We supplemented tube feedings by way of an NG tube for weeks while trying […]

Feeding Your Preemie: Infant Formula 101

Hurray! NICU discharge day is around the corner! As you prepare to take your preemie home, you walk down the infant formula aisle for the first time. The aisle is overwhelming. There are so many brands, types, and choices. Where does one begin? If you feel or have felt like this (I know I have), […]

When Breast is Not Best

“Do you want to try putting him to breast?” the NICU nurse asked tentatively and, just as tentatively, I answered “okay.” It was a few weeks after my baby Ben was born and while I already held him skin-to-skin most days, we had not tried breastfeeding. Considering I could not even hold him until he […]