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Preemie Nutrition: Increasing Your Milk Supply

It is not uncommon for moms of preemies to face challenges with milk production while their baby is in the NICU. The overwhelming amount of information give each day, coupled with the pressure to produce milk for baby can be stressful. Kay Needles, an internationally board certified lactation consultant and NICU nurse, shares with us […]

Packing the Pump Away

For the last sixteen months I have been in a love-hate relationship with my breast pump, often logging more hours with it than my husband. Six months ago I could produce five ounces of breastmilk in the time it took me to watch an episode of the Mindy Project at 2.a.m. Now I barely squeeze an ounce and half from my sad, tired breasts. On a good day I might make three ounces, only to have my son, Theo, dump it out or drink two sips before rejecting it for apple juice or even water.

Yet I keep pumping. [Read more]

Breast Milk Donation: A Priceless Gift for Preemies

The power of breast milk continues to amaze me. From brain development to immunoprotection, doctors and researchers continue to discover new properties that reaffirm the magic and mystery of mother’s milk. In addition to providing optimal nutrition, breast milk is especially beneficial for preterm and low birthweight babies as it reduces the incidence of Necrotizing Entercolitis (NEC), a common but potentially life-threatening complication of prematurity. [Read more]

The Sky is the Limit: Breastfeeding a Vent-Dependent NICU baby

While on three-day hospital bed rest with PPROM, I researched what was required to create a breast milk supply under these circumstances: our son was going to be an extremely low birth weight, premature, and sick baby. He would be separated from me at birth, untouchable for days, possibly weeks. I read that pumping within […]

The Power of Breast Milk for a Micro-preemie

My micropreemie has officially gained 100 pounds!   When he was in the NICU, our very sweet NICU nurses and staff would make Jackson cute little hand-made signs out of construction paper and affix them to his incubator each time he gained a pound.  I vividly remember the day I walked in and saw from a […]