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Preemie Nutrition: Increasing Your Milk Supply

It is not uncommon for moms of preemies to face challenges with milk production while their baby is in the NICU. The overwhelming amount of information give each day, coupled with the pressure to produce milk for baby can be stressful. Kay Needles, an internationally board certified lactation consultant and NICU nurse, shares with us […]

Breastfeeding Through the Storm

There are many different reasons breastfeeding might not go how you planned. Some can be helped and some cannot. Prematurity or time spent in the NICU can add to the list of reasons for complications. Here we share some reasons why breastfeeding may not go as planned, as well as some solutions to try. [Read more]

The Roller Coaster of Breastfeeding in the NICU

When my daughter was born eight weeks early it was such a shock and surprise for my husband and me. I had always envisioned having a calm, peaceful birth and directly being able to breastfeed our daughter. That wasn’t our story. Bree was whisked away by a NICU team while I had to stay and […]