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Celebrating Holidays in the NICU

Our family spent our first set of fall and winter holidays in the NICU. As a tracheostomy patient, our daughter graduated to the PICU. We have celebrated every holiday at least twice in a hospital…so we know how to party! Here are a few things we did to make the most of the holiday seasons […]

The Holiday Struggle

Holidays are fun, energetic, loving, and a time for everyone to be together. The baby comes and you realize it wasn’t in your plan for them to come that early. Your mind then goes in a million different directions on what happens next. The “holiday struggle” is what we liked to call it. Our babies […]

Happy Holidays from Hand to Hold!

From all of us at Hand to Hold, may your days be merry and bright!¬†Wishing you and your families lots of love and light this holiday season. We at Hand to Hold are grateful for your support and generosity towards NICU families everywhere.   Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

Christmas with a Preemie: Expectations vs. Reality

It was our first Christmas as a family of four. As the end of October neared, I wondered if we would all be in the same place. Our daughter Haley was born at 29 weeks in September, and we knew right from the start she might not be home before Christmas. Because I am a big Christmas person, I just love the family time and all the memories we make, the cookies, and the music. I wanted so badly to be able to celebrate together. I worried if she did make it home, what would that mean for the rest of us? I definitely had a lot of fears and what ifs in my head! [Read more]

Surviving Isolation During the Holidays

So, you started isolation. You’ve loaded the pantry with the isolation artillery: Clorox wipes, masks, hand sanitizer, Lysol. You barely leave the house. You’ve become fast friends with the computer, your only link to everything happening outside your bubble. You and the family have settled into an isolation friendly routine. Limited trips in public, shoes off at the door, 2 minute hand scrubs, Lysol sweeps every few days and radar ears for any cough or sneeze within a 30 foot radius of your earshot.

And now? It’s the holidays. [Read more]