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Little & Mighty Clothing

My kids all love new clothes but can sometimes be picky with what they want to wear. When asked to write this review for Little & Mighty, I thought about which of my children would be a little picky, to see their thoughts on the design and fit. I went with my 4-year-old son. Before I get to my review, let me share a little about the company and their products.

Little and Mighty was started by three moms who live in and around Austin, TX. They wanted to start a child’s clothing line to fill a void they saw in all other clothing lines. When asked why they started the company, this answer stood out: “We want people to celebrate childhood with us. We want them to go adventuring, be faced with a challenge to overcome and discover new things about themselves along the way. We want to get back to pure and simple childhood. It’s so magical. We want to fill those kiddos with wonder and allow them to question the world around them.” [Read more]

Oh, THOSE Red Flags: Sensory Processing Disorder

When you have a pregnancy that results in the premature birth of your child(ren), you learn pretty quickly to be grateful for every morsel of positive progress. If there’s time before birth, a neonatologist may share with you some worst case scenarios. And by the time you leave the NICU, you feel like you have […]