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The NICU And Your Relationship

Anger, hurt, joy, fear, excitement, overwhelmed, and happy.  The list could go on forever.  Those are all emotions we may feel while having a baby in the NICU.  I know I felt each of those, along with others, at least once during our stay.  You may hear of time in the NICU as a roller […]

Friendships During and After Crisis

Friendships can crumble. Over the days and weeks and months of a NICU stay and even after discharge, friendships and family relationships can become strained. Even the ones you thought were crumble resistant. When you least expect it and when you need them most, sometimes friendships fall apart in the midst of crisis. A NICU […]

Deck the Halls with Hand Sanitizer

So, you started isolation. Cue: hissing and booing. You made it through the first 2 months and by most accounts, it went rather smoothly. You really wanted to take your little pumpkin, or lion, or princess out for trick or treating but you held tight. You’ve loaded the pantry with the isolation artillery: Clorox wipes, […]

Ways to Remember Your Baby

In a perfect world, I would have celebrated Jack’s sixth birthday in June at a swimming party with friends, family, and Jack. But since he passed away when I was five and a half months pregnant, I have found my own ways to celebrate and remember him. In recognition of October as Pregnancy and Infant […]

“I Understand;” Offering Comfort to a Hurting Heart

My son, James, is a former micro-preemie who has struggled with eating and weight gain for quite some time. A few weeks ago, just after his third birthday, he was at the point of needing a g-tube placed. Even though we’ve thought about it and discussed it for quite some time, the procedure itself happened very […]