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Daycare Dilemma: When Your Preemie Has a Developmental Delay

“You are so lucky you get to stay home with him!” is what I heard all the time from people. And every time that was said to me, it hurt. I know they meant well. It’s just that they did not understand that, while I did not go back to work for 18 months after […]

Daycare and the Prematurity Factor

Your preemie has been home from the NICU for some time now. You’ve watched your baby grow from a tiny preemie that could fit in the palm of your hand to a toddling one or two year old. You might have to consider daycare… or should it be a nanny? This is a big question […]

Daycare for the Special Needs Child

Bryce’s First Day of Daycare – March 24, 2011 Often times having a child with special needs means one parent stays home at least part-time to care for that child.  This is the case in our family, where I have stayed home, worked from home and worked away from home between part- and full-time since […]