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Delight Despite Delays

Sometimes you don’t need to fight for your child. Sometimes they can just play, just be. Sometimes, for parents preemies or special needs kids, it’s hard to know when it is one of those “sometimes.” When my son was born at 23 weeks gestation, I knew he probably wouldn’t be typical, but I kept fighting […]

Waiting for Your Preemie to Walk

“Wait!” and then, “no, this way!” is all I seem to be yelling now once my son and I are out the door in the morning. I am trying to rush him to the car, but, as is the case with most toddlers, he has a mind of his own. He almost always heads for the yard instead of the car. “Stick!” he will proudly exclaim, holding said object and waving it around proudly. I must admit I have to try very hard to stop myself from yelling “hurry up! we’re late” even though I am almost always running late. When you’ve waited this long for your child to walk, you really can’t bring yourself to tell them to “hurry up,” can you? I mean, did you ever imagine the day you’d be telling him to “hurry up”? [Read more]

Daycare Dilemma: When Your Preemie Has a Developmental Delay

“You are so lucky you get to stay home with him!” is what I heard all the time from people. And every time that was said to me, it hurt. I know they meant well. It’s just that they did not understand that, while I did not go back to work for 18 months after […]

The Therapy Waiting Room

Dear Mom trying to hold it together, I’m sorry that your little one is having such a hard time lately. I’m just never quite sure if I should try to strike up a conversation with you as we awkwardly wait in this cold, little room. I want to respect your privacy and I apologize for […]

On Catching Up. Or Not.

As the parent of a preemie, at some point during your NICU stay, or soon after, you will hear the famous, or infamous, “catch up by two” expression. This means that by two years old, your child is expected to have caught up developmentally with his or her peers. While for later-term preemies this may […]