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Why Do We Track Developmental Milestones?

We measure early childhood in milestones – the first smile, first step, that very first word. Parents are encouraged to track what their baby can do, but sometimes this can cause anxiety and frustration when you feel your child is not making strides in development compared to others.

Waiting for Your Preemie to Walk

“Wait!” and then, “no, this way!” is all I seem to be yelling now once my son and I are out the door in the morning. I am trying to rush him to the car, but, as is the case with most toddlers, he has a mind of his own. He almost always heads for the yard instead of the car. “Stick!” he will proudly exclaim, holding said object and waving it around proudly. I must admit I have to try very hard to stop myself from yelling “hurry up! we’re late” even though I am almost always running late. When you’ve waited this long for your child to walk, you really can’t bring yourself to tell them to “hurry up,” can you? I mean, did you ever imagine the day you’d be telling him to “hurry up”? [Read more]

When do you stop using your preemie’s adjusted age?

There is current thought that the amount of time your preemie needs to catch up is directly related to how many weeks he was premature. This newer formula takes the number of weeks your preemie was born early and multiplies it by 10 to give the number of weeks needed to correct for prematurity. Since my son was born 11 weeks early, we would correct for 110 weeks, or about 2 years and 2 months. [Read more]

Christmas Wish List: Toys for Preemies

Being a preemie parent I’ve seen and learned a lot of things and have had the unique opportunity to understand things differently than most of my termie parent friends. A lot of what I saw and learned in the early days with my preemie kids was difficult and of course I’d have those moments where […]

Biggest Prematurity Lesson? Shake It Off

The moment you have a premature child you are faced with uncertainty and sometimes that uncertainty is caused by mixed messages and information which can make you feel like you were just hit by a Mack truck. Those sharing their ideas or thoughts on prematurity and how to handle situations can be well meaning, but […]