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Learning Our Baby Had a Congenital Heart Defect

Like so many families, the 150 days we spent with babies in the hospital were a rollercoaster. But, if pressed on which day was the worst, one immediately comes to mind: the day I was told J had a congenital heart defect. [Read more]

Three Things to Do When Given a Special Needs Diagnosis at Birth

I never imagined I would have a special needs child. No one ever does, I suppose. My dreams were for a happy, healthy bouncing boy. A brother for my firstborn. Although there were slight indicators something was wrong when my baby was in utero – primarily that he had a two vessel cord – I […]

Dear Mom Waiting For a Diagnosis: Five Things to Remember

It is completely overwhelming when your child is facing a serious medical diagnosis. This kind of diagnosis can come during pregnancy, shortly after birth, or many years later. The diagnosis has many different names like prematurity, Down’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, cancer, autism, or Chronic Lung Disease. Some diagnoses’ have symptoms that can be managed with medication or treatment, others do not. […]

Surviving the Post-NICU Roller Coaster

The nurses kept saying that the ups and downs of my son’s NICU experience were all just “part of the roller coaster ride of the NICU.” The NICU, to me, was not a roller coaster. There was nearly nothing fun about it. Our NICU ride left me dizzy, uncertain of which way was up. It […]

{FB Chat} Empowering the Cerebral Palsy Parent

In honor of March as Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month, Dr. Mary Elizabeth Parker, a pediatric physical therapist & professor of pediatric physical therapy, was our guest at the March 21, 2013, Facebook Chat discussing Cerebral Palsy, a common diagnosis for newborns who have spent time in the NICU. [Read more]