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Multiples with Multiple Discharge Dates

I suddenly knew in my heart the twins did not need to stay in the hospital together until each was ready to come home. The twins could come home one at a time, if that was how it was going to work out. [Read more]

{Professional Insight} 4 Ways to Prepare for Taking Your NICU Baby Home

As a NICU parent, the day your baby comes home from the NICU is the day you’ve been dreaming of. And yet, the truth is that it’s often an overwhelming and scary day. After days or weeks or months of having professional caregivers all day and night, endless supplies of baby necessities, laundry done by […]

{Professional Insight} A Look Behind the Scenes of High Risk Follow-Up

In the United States, approximately 4 million babies are born annually, 11% will be premature and 1% of term infants will require NICU care. Once these babies are born a team of physicians, nurses and many other staff members will work diligently to offer the best care and to have your child go home with […]

Making Discharge Less Scary for NICU Parents

My son Jackson was in the NICU 105 days.  He came home a week before his due date after logging more than 2,500 hours in the hospital.  His NICU stay was emotionally and physically grueling.  From his first days when my husband and I sat by his bedside willing our baby to breathe, to the […]

{Professional Insight} Growing Babies At Home

Since working with parents in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for more than 15 years (can I really be that old?) it seems every parent enters the NICU certain of one thing—their baby needs to grow to go home.  We dietitians become pretty obsessed with our calorie counting and celebration of each gram of […]