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Donating Blood to Help Save Lives

Donating blood is something that we hear about often, whether it be on TV, ads, or friends and family. I think donating blood gets overlooked a lot. Until I was in high school, I always seemed to think, “Why should I donate blood? No one I know needs any.” Then I realized it didn’t matter […]

Can Donating Blood Save a Life?

January is National Blood Donor Month. Blood saves lives! To find a blood drive near you, visit the American Red Cross.

When thinking about donating blood, one usually assumes, “Oh, my blood is going to help someone,” but nine times out of ten, we have no idea who it is going to.

As a mom to twin preemies, I have never looked at donating blood the same way. As Kendall just lay there, with us not knowing which way things were going, blood became a vital aspect to how her daily activities went.

preemie NICU donating bloog

Kendall went through several blood transfusions, and I think God every day for those people who were willing to spend their time donating blood so that my baby could survive. [Read more]