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Transitioning From Early Intervention to Special Education Preschool

I never believed people when they said that time flies – until I had a child that taught me just how precious time really is. [Read more]

Tackling Feeding When Your Preemie Has SPD

Feeding my micro-preemie was never easy. First there was that whole thing about how she was born at 25 weeks and weighed less than my typical dinner plate. Then that whole thing about about how she needed to be fed through a tube. And how after that she had tongue thrust issues that required a […]

{Professional Insight} Speech and Language Developmental Milestones: When to Ask for Help

The dreaded developmental milestones.  Before your child is enrolled in school, these milestones feel like benchmark testing or a report card to rate your child compared to the expectations of his or her chronologically same-aged peers.  As parents, I feel like we always have a desire to check each box the second it is expected […]

Six Tips to Choose the Best Specialists for Your Preemie

When your micro preemie gets discharged from the NICU, you are, of course, overjoyed. You look forward to having some quiet time at home to get to know your baby, and yet, you soon realize that you may be out of the house more often than you’d like. Along with those prized discharge papers, you […]

Home-based vs. Clinic-based Therapy

When we brought our former 23-weeker home from the NICU, we knew we had a long road of therapy ahead of us. After all, he was a 23 weeker, with bilateral grade 4 bleeds and at a high risk for developing CP. We knew he would need therapy. Before we left the NICU, we had […]