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My Fertility Journey with a Uterine Septum

After my water broke, and I delivered my daughter seven weeks early, I often wondered why. Did I do something wrong? Would it happen again if I were to get pregnant in a few years? Most women who experience preterm labor ask themselves these same questions. Many times there aren’t answers. For me, I didn’t have any answers until my daughter was almost three months old. [Read more]

Navigating an Unexpected NICU Stay: The Boyd Family’s Story

Earlier this spring, Maggie and Nick Boyd were declared the winners of Hand to Hold’s NICU Grand Prize Giveaway, which offered them an opportunity to share their story and raise crucial funding to help further Hand to Hold’s mission. Their winning story gives them the opportunity to present a $5K prize package to their son’s […]

Amy N’s Amazing Birth Story: NICU Nurse and NICU Mom

I knew the drill. This was the third baby, third c-section, and third preterm delivery. My son’s birth at 35 weeks and 6 days could go either way. I prayed for lungs that were mature. He didn’t cry right away. No one called my husband to the warmer. My baby was bundled up, and brought […]

Making Peace with My C-sections

Before I had children, I hoped I would never need a Cesarean section. I thought I stood a pretty good chance of avoiding them. My mom didn’t have C-sections, and I have wide hips. I was young and healthy. I knew better than to write a birth plan in stone, but it seemed a shame […]

Haley’s Story: Hope for the New Year

A note from the Hand to Hold family: Sometimes, when you’re stuck on bedrest, or worse – in the NICU, for the holidays, going home seems like it’ll never happen. The days are long – and lonely, and you wonder what the New Year will bring. Well, we have one word for you… HOPE. We […]