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Candice G’s Amazing Birth Story: Terrified to True Love

Candice G shares her amazing birth story of her son’s early delivery at 30 weeks after she developed severe preeclampsia and his eight-week NICU stay. [Read more]

Life as a Preemie Working Mom after the NICU

I had all of 10 minutes’ notice I was about to become a preemie mom, which was barely enough time to hysterically call my parents and send a few text messages before I found myself off on a wild stretcher ride and into a scene that looked like it was from a weekly TV medical drama that left my head spinning and body reeling. Clearly, this was not how it was supposed to happen. This was not the plan! This was not how I had imagined my right of passage into motherhood that I had waited 30 years for and fought for so hard for. This is not how it was supposed to be. [Read more]

The Silver Lining of a High-Risk Pregnancy and NICU Stay

When I found out I was pregnant with my fourth child in February 2009, I was ecstatic! I always wanted to have four children and I felt like my family dreams were finally reaching completion. At 13 weeks gestation, at a routine sonogram screening, that dream was abruptly shattered. I learned not only did I have what appeared to be an extreme case of placenta previa, but that my baby had an abdominal wall defect, an omphalocele. My doctor did not say, “Congratulations! You are having a high risk pregnancy and a beautiful NICU baby!” Instead, we were thrust into the world of perinatology and genetic testing. [Read more]

Elizabeth W’s Story

by Elizabeth Wiley The prompt was tell your whole story. How can I write a whole story? Because a story of a person, or a family, doesn’t have a beginning and it doesn’t have an end. If you think about it, we existed in our parents who existed in their parents. We have no beginning. […]

The Night I Met My Son

by Mike Kelley The night I met my son will forever live in my mind as one of the scariest, loneliest, yet happiest nights of my life. My wife gave birth to our first child more than 100 days before he was supposed to be born. I wasn’t even mentally prepared for being a dad […]