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My One and Only Preemie

“Is he your only child?” or “Are you going to have anymore?” are two of my least favorite questions and also the two I am asked most often. I honestly wish the people asking understood how hard those kind of questions are for many parents to answer and especially hard for a parent of a […]

My Child Without Labels or Limits (Hoping Beyond Cerebral Palsy)

When I look at my son I see a happy, lively, extremely kind kid with a spirit that is sweet and miraculous. He is every bit the gift from God I prayed for. I see his love for music, his keen sense of sound, and his ability to entertain himself just long enough for mommy […]

{Professional Insight} A NICU Chaplain’s Reflection & Advice on Premature Birth

One of the most difficult days of my life was the day my son called from Texas to say doctors were getting ready to do an emergency C-section on our daughter-in-law.  Her preeclampsia was putting her life and the life of our first grandchild at risk.  On that day, they were 28.5 weeks into their […]