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Emotional Gifts: Holding Virtual Space

I will never be able to adequately express my thanks for the outpouring of support that flooded over my family in the weeks before and after my son’s birth. I had a five year old at home, and was in the hospital for two weeks before my urgent c-section, and heading back and forth to the NICU for six weeks after. We needed all the help we could get.

Friends and family sent food, cleaned our house, arranged childcare. They generally took as much of the load from our shoulders as they could.

Sometimes people ask me what they can do for their loved ones in a similar situation. There are lots of practical answers beyond food deliveries, and I can rattle off a list from the top of my head.

When I was in the thick of it, there was one gift that surprised me in its emotional usefulness. [Read more]

(Not Quite) Silver Linings of an Extra Two Months

Two months. A lot can happen in two months; you could try and abandon a fad diet, your heart beats seven million times, and you take more than a million breaths. If you happen to be residing in utero you are busy with tasks like doubling your weight, learning to do your first headstand, and building the skills to survive in the outside world.

In the last two months of pregnancy I can make dozens of to-do lists: feed the freezer meal plans, what to pack in the hospital bag, birth plans A, B, and C, and the million tiny details that still need attention. Instead, I had a baby.

I didn’t have a list for that. [Read more]