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{Professional Insight} What is NICU Family-Centered Care?

  by Dr. Patrick Hodges I have been caring for newborns and their families in neonatal intensive care units for over 25 years. I have seen incredible advancements, which have had historic impacts on the care and outcomes of these fragile babies. I can say without hesitation, the change, which has had the most profound […]

Investing in Social Change

Imagine having to decide if you want your baby to receive medical intervention at birth that, while potentially saving their life, could lead to a lifetime of healthcare challenges, developmental delays and disabilities.

Imagine after the baby survived despite tremendous challenges, that you were unable to hold your baby because their underdeveloped skin would tear like wet paper.

Imagine after weeks in the hospital, finally allowing yourself a few hours at home to rest and receiving a phone call from the doctor asking how long it would take you to get back to the hospital because your baby was not expected to live through the night. [Read more]

Designing the NICU

Before my son’s early arrival, NICU was not a word that was a part of my vocabulary. And before attending the Healthcare Design Conference, I never realized how much thought, effort and planning goes into the design of a NICU suite. In a way, being a part of the design team reminded me of my […]

Why NICU Families Need a Bill of Rights

It’s October. Stores around town are decorated with spiders, and spooky pumpkins are beginning to light up front porches in my neighborhood. My kids are excited about their new costumes and soon cute little ghosts and goblins will knock on our doors. I remember well my little pumpkin’s first Halloween which was spent in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. […]

NICU Professionals Say the Kindest Things

As parent who has experienced the wild emotional roller coaster that is the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, a kind word or gesture especially from a medical professional caring for our child imbues more meaning and is long remembered. These are words we need to hear to help us heal. [Read more]