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Grandpa to the Rescue

Unless one goes through the journey themselves, one will never understand the experience of NICU parents. Add an hour and a half drive to see your child and no siblings being allowed in, and it makes it that much harder of a journey. The girls were born in May. Brooke came home in August, and in October we got […]

{Professional Insight} Postpartum Depression & PTSD in Fathers

This post is the first installment in a three-part series on PPD and PTSD in NICU parents. Visit part 2 of the series: Postpartum Depression after a Complicated Delivery, and part 3: Postpartum PTSD: How to Manage a Traumatic Birth Experience. We spend a lot of time talking about the postpartum wellbeing of moms. But fathers are […]

The Night I Met My Son

The night I met my son will forever live in my mind as one of the scariest, loneliest, yet happiest nights of my life.

My wife gave birth to our first child more than 100 days before he was supposed to be born. I wasn’t even mentally prepared to be a dad, even though we planned the pregnancy and had a due date. I just figured I had more time to get ready, but I was wrong. At six o’clock in the evening, I was eating dinner and getting ready to play softball when my wife came home in tears. By 7:33 that night, our son was born. So much happened in those 90 minutes, it is still hard to believe. I experienced fear, anger, anxiety, frustration, sorrow and the thought that I might lose my son and my wife on a hot summer night in which I was supposed to be playing a game instead of contemplating starting my life over. [Read more]

The Supermen in our Super Preemie’s Life

While super dads boldly go where they may never have gone before (i.e. the first poopy diaper change in the isolette) there are the other supermen that have blessed our preemie families with their feats of kindness and acts of selflessness. There is: A grandpa who racked up a lot of mileage driving hours to […]

Life After NICU? He’s Still a NICU Dad + {Free Printable!}

As your NICU days end and you take your baby home, things start to feel normal. Well, a ‘new’ sort of normal. But, life after the NICU can sometimes be just as scary, instead now, there’s no nurse to help you know how to care for your baby. That’s why Hand to Hold encourages NICU families […]