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(Not Quite) Silver Linings of an Extra Two Months

Two months. A lot can happen in two months; you could try and abandon a fad diet, your heart beats seven million times, and you take more than a million breaths. If you happen to be residing in utero you are busy with tasks like doubling your weight, learning to do your first headstand, and building the skills to survive in the outside world.

In the last two months of pregnancy I can make dozens of to-do lists: feed the freezer meal plans, what to pack in the hospital bag, birth plans A, B, and C, and the million tiny details that still need attention. Instead, I had a baby.

I didn’t have a list for that. [Read more]

Making Discharge Less Scary for NICU Parents

My son Jackson was in the NICU 105 days.  He came home a week before his due date after logging more than 2,500 hours in the hospital.  His NICU stay was emotionally and physically grueling.  From his first days when my husband and I sat by his bedside willing our baby to breathe, to the […]

Just Breathe…

I remember spending countless moments in the NICU, looking at my son through the Giraffe door, and softly uttering those two magic words, “Just breathe”. No one could hear me; no one could sense the longing in my spirit. I felt like breathing was taking forever. For him it seemed so hard, and was keeping […]

Our First NICU Visit Post-Graduation

At times while visiting our sweet, tiny girl in the NICU, I would hear a knock at the door of the nurse’s station.  It wasn’t the normal entrance to the NICU, so once I realized who was on the other side of the door, a pang of jealousy and bitterness would hit. They were not […]

When Will I Stop Worrying?

“Oh the pain they have caused us. The evils which have never happened.” This quote from Thomas Jefferson hits me in the face like a blast of air when you open the fridge. Preemie families seem to have an extra helping of worry, don’t we? In the NICU, the worry is like a fog. It […]