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Meet the Professional: What Does a Neonatal Therapist Do?

When a baby is born premature or with special health care needs, they require immediate, intensive care. With all the medical interventions and monitoring it’s easy to start seeing your baby as a patient, instead of the little person that they are. But we know that what we do in the NICU has long-term impact. As […]

The Best (Unwanted) Advice from the NICU

We had been in the NICU for just a couple of weeks when a nurse stopped me in the bay just near my son’s bed.

“I’m Chris. I’m the charge nurse.” she said. I don’t remember my response. It was probably as polite as I could muster, but considering the circumstances, certainly not overly friendly. Shortly into the conversation she disclosed that she had a fourteen-year-old son with Down syndrome. It was at that point in our conversation I let my guard down and allowed the tears I had been holding back to leak out. And she grabbed my hand and said, “It’s all in his time. Always in his time.” [Read more]

Tackling Feeding When Your Preemie Has SPD

Feeding my micro-preemie was never easy. First there was that whole thing about how she was born at 25 weeks and weighed less than my typical dinner plate. Then that whole thing about about how she needed to be fed through a tube. And how after that she had tongue thrust issues that required a […]

{FB Chat} Overcoming Feeding Obstacles

Speech Language Therapist Julie Wahrenberger, M.S., CCC-SLP from Spring Branch Speech Therapy discussed feeding obstacles that preemies and NICU babies sometimes face and how to overcome them. [Read more]

Your Preemie Has Feeding Issues? You Are Not Alone!

One of my happiest moments during my daughter’s five-month NICU stay was one morning when I called her primary nurse, and she told me Daphne had drunk an entire bottle of expressed breast milk. A whole 40ml of milk, by mouth (that’s just slightly over one ounce, for those not versed on the metric system.) […]