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What to Expect on Discharge Day

Remember the saying, “Expect the unexpected?” It applies here too. On NICU discharge day. Just like there are processes and procedures while your baby is in the NICU, there are processes and procedures for leaving the NICU. The NICU nurses will not send you home unprepared. Getting ready to leave and being prepared at home […]

Making G-Tube Feeding Friendlier + Tubesie Giveaway

Before my son was born I knew nothing about feeding tubes. I naively thought they were for elderly and severely brain injured patients. Never in a million years could I have imagined sending my six–week-old son to surgery for a G-tube. I hated it at first. I felt like a failure for not being able […]

Tube feeding and traveling with a baby

Traveling with an infant or toddler is stressful. A baby with preemie issues compounds that stress with his or her complicated needs and additional supplies. On the road with a tube-fed baby, messes and supplies are much more difficult to deal with. Over time, we came up with a checklist of things we had to have to come. I’ll get to that in a minute, but first a little explanation about why tube feeding is necessary [Read more]

Surviving Coming Home with Cords and Monitors

Okay so picture this: you are in the hospital with your baby getting ready to take him/her home. ¬†You get your little one all bundled up and in the car seat and you are on your way. Now imagine your child has been in the hospital for 11 months … yes, you read that correctly, […]

Feeding Therapy: Learning From Our Mistakes

Feeding your child can be one of the biggest, most painful struggles you’ll face after leaving the NICU. I know it has been for us. When your child doesn’t eat enough, or won’t eat at all, it can consume you. It became an emotional journey for me. Feeding my son was supposed to be a […]