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What to Expect on Discharge Day

Remember the saying, “Expect the unexpected?” It applies here too. On NICU discharge day. Just like there are processes and procedures while your baby is in the NICU, there are processes and procedures for leaving the NICU. The NICU nurses will not send you home unprepared. Getting ready to leave and being prepared at home […]

Feeding Difficulties & Your Preemie

by Anne Boon, MS, CCC-SLP After being intubated with a breathing tube for so many months Bryce’s ‘suck muscles’ were weak and trying to feed from the bottle took so much energy that he would tire out before filling his belly. We supplemented tube feedings by way of an NG tube for weeks while trying […]

{FB Chat} Overcoming Feeding Obstacles

Speech Language Therapist Julie Wahrenberger, M.S., CCC-SLP from Spring Branch Speech Therapy discussed feeding obstacles that preemies and NICU babies sometimes face and how to overcome them. [Read more]

When Nursing Your Preemie Doesn’t Work Out

Sometimes, despite your best intentions, breastfeeding a preemie just doesn’t work out. And that’s OK. During my pregnancy I had vowed that I would try breastfeeding when the time arose. The problem was, when I delivered at 28 weeks I was utterly unprepared. I had planned to do plenty of research, including taking a class […]

Deciding On a G-Tube For Your Preemie

G tubes. They didn’t exist 50 years ago. Think of all the babies they’ve helped go from failure to thrive to thriving. That’s the case for my son. It was a difficult decision to make but I’m glad we did. My second child was born with severe special needs. One of the many symptoms of […]