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5 Things You Need to Know about Enterovirus

In 2014 unusually high cases of enterovirus swept the nation. Find out more about the respiratory disease and how to prevent it. [Read more]

5 Myths about cold, flu and RSV

Cold and flu season is beginning, and as kids go back to school, the chances of catching and spreading viruses and infections increases. NICU parents dread this time of year when we have to weigh the risks of every trip outdoors and every visitor who walks through our front door. The threats of cold and flu […]

Fighting the Fear of Flu Season (and other nasty viruses)

RSV. Influenza. Back-to-school germs. And now… Enterovirus. If you’re anything like me, those things scare you to no end. What if your newly released NICU baby gets sick? What if your now 1-year-old doesn’t qualify for Synagis any longer? What if you send them to preschool and that inevitable first cold sends them to the hospital? […]

Free Printable :: Germ Free Zone Sign

In just 2 short months, many of us will begin our “house arrest” for RSV and flu season… doing everything we can to protect our little ones from those life-threatening germs that run so rampant that time of year. So often it is difficult for family and friends to understand exactly how frightening RSV and […]