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Outstanding Central Texas Medical Professionals Receive Awards

Love for our children is primal – before even hearing the first heartbeat we dream of holding them and kissing them and protecting them with the ferocity of a lion. But for some moms (like me) and many dads, too, when a baby is born preterm or with special health care needs, the natural bonding […]

Making Progress For the Love of Babies

We are nearing the half-way mark of Hand to Hold’s For the Love of Babies 100-day fundraising and awareness campaign, and thanks to the generosity of corporate and individual donors, we fully anticipate surpassing our goal to deliver Hand to Hold’s new NICU Resource Library to 100 NICUs across the country in 2013. The launch […]

{Professional Insight} Using Information to Cope With a NICU Stay

Neonatologist and Author Sue Hall, MD shares how gathering information about your baby will help you cope during a baby’s hospitalization in the NICU. She encourages parents who want to pay it forward to participate in Hand to Hold’s For the Love of Babies Campaign which is raising awareness and funding to provide more education to NICUs and to parents after a NICU stay. [Read more]

A New Year, New Possibilities

Hand to Hold Executive Director and Founder Kelli Kelley shares new initiatives coming up in 2013 to provide more support and education for NICU families including unveiling the new NICU Resource Library for NICUs, For the Love of Babies fundraising and awareness campaign, and the impending launch of Hand to Hold’s first Facebook Chat. [Read more]