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Seizures at Birth: Meilani’s Journey

My pregnancy was amazing. I never knew there was something so rewarding! Every check up our daughter was right on for growth, and I was healthy.

journey seizures term baby in hospitalAt my 39 week check up on October 26, 2015, I had been having some issues with swelling and headaches. My urine dip had protein in it, and I had high blood pressure. I informed my OB of the swelling in my right leg, and I was immediately sent for a ultra sound of my lower leg. Later that day I was admitted for a blood clot. Our daughter was perfectly healthy, yet here I was stuck in the hospital. [Read more]

A Prematurity Story: World Prematurity Day

Once upon a time an expectant mother and father eagerly anticipated the arrival of a healthy baby on or around their due date in 40 weeks’ time. Unfortunately at some point during the prenatal period, things took a turn for the worst, and instead of welcoming a baby on their due date, these same parents […]

The Forgotten NICU Parent

Preemie Babies 101 is a misleading name for our blog. We’re about more than just preemies. We’re about the experience of the NICU as a whole, and those that write for us share those experiences with our readers even when it’s difficult to go back there. For you. To help you through a time when […]

Multiple Tips for a Multiple-Births Pregnancy

If you’re anything like me, while growing up you didn’t have a real-life connection to a mother who experienced a multiple-births pregnancy. Instead you may have been accustomed to believe the romanticized and perfect versions of having multiples, which you might have watched on TV, like I did. Of twins, I thought: they get to […]

Danielle’s Birth Story

I’d like to share the story of my full-term baby who endured a 20 day stay in the NICU. My husband and I married in Nashville, TN, in February 2012. He was 23 and I was 19 (he, in the Army and I, a professional ballet dancer) . We decided to wait a few years […]