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Advice from a Former TEF Preemie, Now a Preemie Dad

My husband was a preemie and a special needs child. I guess I’d always known that, though I’d never applied “special needs” to anything to do with him. After the birth of our third child, however, I saw that part of my spouse’s past in a new way. My husband was born as a late […]

The Sky is the Limit: Breastfeeding a Vent-Dependent NICU baby

While on three-day hospital bed rest with PPROM, I researched what was required to create a breast milk supply under these circumstances: our son was going to be an extremely low birth weight, premature, and sick baby. He would be separated from me at birth, untouchable for days, possibly weeks. I read that pumping within […]

The Challenges of Good Nutrition

It was Thanksgiving lunch at Joseph’s school. Parents and grandparents had joined their children in the school cafeteria for a special Thanksgiving celebration. Because of Joseph’s multiple food allergies and compromised gastrointestinal system due to short bowel syndrome, I had packed a lunch for Joseph that was both allergy friendly and one that I knew […]

Your Preemie Has Feeding Issues? You Are Not Alone!

One of my happiest moments during my daughter’s five-month NICU stay was one morning when I called her primary nurse, and she told me Daphne had drunk an entire bottle of expressed breast milk. A whole 40ml of milk, by mouth (that’s just slightly over one ounce, for those not versed on the metric system.) […]

Traveling with a Special Needs Child

Traveling with children is stressful. Traveling with children with special needs is even more stressful. Traveling with children with special needs during the holidays is even more stressful. I remember the first time we traveled with Joseph after his 228 day NICU stay. Although I was thrilled to feel like a “normal” family traveling, I […]