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10 Tips for Enduring Isolation During RSV & Flu Season

Our 24-weeker first came from the NICU mid-flu and RSV season in 2008. We struggled to explain to people why we had to be so cautious and remain in isolation. We’ve spent 10 winters indoors with pneumonia, RSV, and hiding from epic outbreaks. Here’s what I learned: Isolation: Keep your home clean and germ-free 1. […]

Don’t Put Yourself in Isolation

After I brought my daughter home from the hospital, my world became way too small. At first it felt luxurious to be home. Going back and forth to the NICU multiple times a day was exhausting, and I was so happy that I could spend an entire day in my pajamas and not have to […]

Free Printable :: Germ Free Zone Sign

In just 2 short months, many of us will begin our “house arrest” for RSV and flu season… doing everything we can to protect our little ones from those life-threatening germs that run so rampant that time of year. So often it is difficult for family and friends to understand exactly how frightening RSV and […]

You Know You Are a Preemie Parent When…

When Hand to Hold asked NICU parents what they thought was unique to parenthood after their baby’s hospital stay, parents were eager to share. There are some eye-opening differences in perspective for those of us who have raised a medically-fragile child and for the years following. [Read more]

Please… Just Don’t Take Sick Kids Out in Public

Why do people take their sick kids out in public?  Are people just clueless?  Thoughtless?  Ignorant?  Do they just not care about anyone but themselves?  I just don’t get it. One Sunday I went to nurse my newborn baby in a mother’s lounge, and as I entered two mothers in the room who were also […]