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The Value of Giving

On a cold day in December in the early eighties, my dad saw a man walking down the highway carrying an old sewing machine. My dad stopped and offered the man a ride. As the miles passed, the man shared that he had taken his late wife’s sewing machine into town for repairs because he needed to mend his young son’s clothes. It was apparent the man was facing some very difficult times. [Read more]

Why Giving is Genius

It’s that time of year – from public radio to your place of worship to non-profit organizations across the country, all have begun or are gearing up for the giving season. From telethons to texting campaigns, special events and direct mail, we are all are hoping you will choose our mission to support. It is […]

NICU Christmas Gifts

From the time that I was in the NICU with my preemie I’ve wanted to return the favor of so many who brought special Christmas gifts to the NICU during the holidays.  This year I finally had the privilege of paying it forward. My greatest wish was to bring something cheerful and Christmasy, something fun […]