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(Not Quite) Silver Linings of an Extra Two Months

Two months. A lot can happen in two months; you could try and abandon a fad diet, your heart beats seven million times, and you take more than a million breaths. If you happen to be residing in utero you are busy with tasks like doubling your weight, learning to do your first headstand, and building the skills to survive in the outside world.

In the last two months of pregnancy I can make dozens of to-do lists: feed the freezer meal plans, what to pack in the hospital bag, birth plans A, B, and C, and the million tiny details that still need attention. Instead, I had a baby.

I didn’t have a list for that. [Read more]

To Belong as a Preemie Parent

This is not a club anybody wants to join. We don’t send in registration forms and admission essays hoping to gain admittance to this elite institution. This a group we are thrown into blindfolded and without any road map, because each family’s journey is different. We don’t get to chose if we belong — we just do. [Read more]

Hope During a Medical Crisis

I was keeping hope that it would be good news; our family didn’t need another medical crisis. But when the doctor called that day, my heart sank. It isn’t a good sign to get results from a brain MRI almost immediately. People told me to “stay positive” and “be thankful.” But you know what?  “Staying positive” didn’t seem possible for […]

Thanking Our ‘Village’

I am sure we have all heard, and many of us have used the saying ‘it takes a village’.  When dealing with a child with special needs and/or medical issues this really hits home.  Life for my daughter started in the NICU with a team of medical professionals treating her.  Casey turned six in April […]