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How Depression Looks When You’re on Bed Rest

Over 50% of women on bed rest show signs of depression, research shows.

Lack of physical activity, identity loss, lack of control and social isolation are some of the reasons why women struggle with low mood. Added on to all of these risk factors is the biggest risk factor for developing depression: high levels of stress, something women on bed rest experience every second of every day.

Depression doesn’t have to mean clinical depression. [Read more]

A Letter to NICU parents

Dear NICU parent, First of all, congratulations on bringing life into this world! I don’t know how you got to this point. Whether your labor was long or short. Whether this moment was a surprise or a day that you have been anticipating after months on bedrest. I do know that it is ok to […]

Coming to Terms with Not Going to Term: One Mother’s Journey Through Premature Delivery Guilt

I delivered my son prematurely after my waters broke totally unexpectedly at 33 weeks. It was traumatic in every sense. I blamed myself, and the guilt that ate away at me year after year solidified my decision that I would never have another child. I knew that somehow, in some way, I had screwed up, and the thought of having another baby petrified me. Matthew was to grow up an only child.

Maternal guilt is a powerful thing. It engulfs you, immobilizes you, and is often immune to reason and logic. Guilt, like so many emotions, is not something anyone chooses to feel. And likewise you cannot just let it go. Guilt releases you in its own time. I remember when my mother told me how proud she was that I had moved on. I told her I hadn’t done anything; the guilt had just left me. Learning about prematurity through internet research helped a lot. So many other women, from all different walks of life, had seemingly experienced the same thing I had: spontaneous preterm rupture of the membranes. I wasn’t alone, and I wasn’t to blame. And very slowly I began to toy with the idea of having another child. [Read more]

To Belong as a Preemie Parent

This is not a club anybody wants to join. We don’t send in registration forms and admission essays hoping to gain admittance to this elite institution. This a group we are thrown into blindfolded and without any road map, because each family’s journey is different. We don’t get to chose if we belong — we just do. [Read more]


If I never hear the phrase “if you’re lucky” ever again in my life, it will be too soon. At times, I don’t feel like anything that happened to me was lucky. [Read more]