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The Holiday Struggle

Holidays are fun, energetic, loving, and a time for everyone to be together. The baby comes and you realize it wasn’t in your plan for them to come that early. Your mind then goes in a million different directions on what happens next. The “holiday struggle” is what we liked to call it. Our babies […]

How to Make Your Halloween Inclusive

Kids love candy. However, for many kids candy is simply not an option. Between childhood obesity, juvenile diabetes, food allergies, and other special needs, the population of children excluded from Halloween traditions grows each year. [Read more]

Halloween in the NICU

Halloween is right around the corner, and having a preemie or a baby in the NICU can be a different experience for Halloween then you ever imagined.

Our girls were born at the end of May, but we had no idea if either of our girls were going to be home by October, or if we would even take them out on Halloween. With preemies there are more things to consider than taking your little one out to get some candy and show off their cute costume. [Read more]

An Interview with My Preemie

At the end of this past summer, I sat down with my 15-year-old boy and interviewed him about being the sibling of a preemie.  After that interview, it seemed only natural to interview the preemie herself.  So my daughter, Andie and I recently sat down across a table from each other at a Panera Bread.  […]

Why NICU Families Need a Bill of Rights

It’s October. Stores around town are decorated with spiders, and spooky pumpkins are beginning to light up front porches in my neighborhood. My kids are excited about their new costumes and soon cute little ghosts and goblins will knock on our doors. I remember well my little pumpkin’s first Halloween which was spent in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. […]