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Tips to Stay Well During RSV Season

by Sel Unite, MD, Pediatrician at Treehouse Pediatrics Usually I enjoy a little bit of cold weather here in Austin. It’s a welcome break from some of the almost unbearable days of scorching heat in August and September, and it reminds me that Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. Unfortunately, at least from […]

5 Things Every NICU Parent Should Know About RSV

This article was originally published on the Hand to Hold website.  RSV Update:  This year the American Academy of Pediatrics changed their recommendations for use of Palivizumab against RSV in a policy statement entitled “Updated Guidance for Palivizumab Prophylaxis Among Infants and Young Children at Increased Risk of Hospitalization for Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection” (See the July 28, […]

Restoring Your Preemie’s Gut Flora: The Secret Ingredient

We had been out of the hospital three months when I first heard the words gut flora. Little did I know that was the secret ingredient to getting our little girl to optimum health. Gut flora is the intestinal flora, or the microorganisms that aid in everything from digestion to mood disorders. It is often known as […]

{FB Chat} Not Just Another Resolution – Making Self-Care Stick

Sarina LaMarche, Senior Career and Life Coach with Renee Trudeau & Associates, looks at how to set realistic goals for self-care this year and how to make them stick, even if you sometimes fall off the wagon. Get re-energized this year so you are more rested, relaxed, healthier and more organized. [Read more]

{Giveaway} Nurturing the Soul of Your Family

It’s our first giveaway of the new year, and we’re excited to partner with Renee Trudeau of Renee Trudeau & Associates to bring you a book about finding peace in everyday life. As parents of preemies, this topic couldn’t be more appropriate! It also corresponds perfectly with our next FB chat (coming up on Monday, […]