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Grandma is Hurting, Too!

Not too long ago I suddenly stopped dead in my tracks when I overheard a conversation between two women at the library where I work. The first woman asked the other one how her granddaughter was doing. All I heard were the words “preeclampsia,” “they had to take her early,” “29 weeks and 2lbs 6oz.” I couldn’t believe it! Other than the fact that they were talking about a baby girl, they very well could’ve been talking about my son and I. [Read more]

{Professional Insight} Does Your Child Need Occupational Therapy?

Just because your child spent time in the NICU does not necessarily mean they will have sensory concerns as an infant, toddler, preschooler or elementary age. It does increase their odds that a child may have sensory concerns. [Read more]

Returning to the Hospital After NICU

Running through your house trying to pack for an unexpected stay is challenging and also scary. Your mind will be racing and it’ll be a challenge trying to get your thoughts together. Whether you are getting ready for an expected stay or packing on the fly, here are 10 ways to prepare if you are returning to the hospital after a NICU discharge. [Read more]

Summer Activities for Your Preemie

The sun is out. The weather is warmer. It’s finally summer! If you are anything like me, you worked really hard to keep your preemie home and safe from RSV and the flu all winter long. It’s time to reward yourself and your little one with some fun in the sun. First things first, give […]

Still Playing Catch Up… And It’s Okay!

Two weeks before my preemie’s second birthday, I was chatting with a mom after story time, and I noticed her baby pulling up to stand and cruising around the library’s furniture. “Wow, look at him go!” I remarked. “How old is he?” I couldn’t help but ask. “Nine months. All my kids started walking at […]