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The Holiday Struggle

Holidays are fun, energetic, loving, and a time for everyone to be together. The baby comes and you realize it wasn’t in your plan for them to come that early. Your mind then goes in a million different directions on what happens next. The “holiday struggle” is what we liked to call it. Our babies […]

10 Ways to Celebrate a NICU Mom on Mother’s Day

A similar  version of this post was originally published in May of 2013. From the moment I first laid eyes on my tiny one pounder baby girl, I wrestled with many emotions that caused me to question whether or not I deserved to be a mom. Of course, I did everything “right.” I took prenatals, […]

{FB Chat} Keeping Spirits Bright

Our latest Facebook chat took place on December 16, 2015. Special guest Jen Simmons talked to us about keeping spirits bright during the holidays and how to cope with the many emotions that accompany the season.

jen simmons, LPCJen is a Licensed Professional Counselor whose professional experience includes over 15 years of conducting individual, marriage and group therapy with a wide array of populations and presenting issues, both chronic and highly acute. Jen feels she was made to be a therapist, “the one who everyone came to with their hurts and relationship issues. It’s where I want to be – if someone is hurting, I don’t want them to suffer alone.” [Read more]

Giving Back: NICU Holiday Gift Basket Ideas

In 2010 my daughter was born fifteen and a half weeks early, making her February due date give way to a November birthday. Spending our first Christmas with our first child in the hospital, still unsure of whether or not we would ever bring her home, was incredibly difficult for us. The holidays were so hard that year, our situation looked so dim compared to all of the merry and bright outside of the hospital walls.

Now Scarlette is five years old, and every year on Christmas morning we visit the NICU where we spent our first Christmas with her as a family of three and deliver gift baskets to each of the families in the unit. It has become such a special holiday tradition in our family, and I love packing the gifts with her as an expression of gratitude for our journey. [Read more]

Spending Holidays in the NICU

There isn’t anything easy about being in the NICU with your child. The days move slowly and time seems to stand still. When my twins were in the NICU, I often lost track of what day of the week it was because it just didn’t matter to me. What mattered were my two beautiful twin micro preemie daughters.

holidays in the NICU micro preemie twinsMy girls were born at 26 weeks weighing 1 pound 11 ounces and 2 pounds 4 ounces. They spent a total of four months in the NICU. Delivering them early was something for which I certainly wasn’t prepared. I delivered the last week in October, so we spent Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years in the NICU. That year the holiday season was very difficult and different to say the least. [Read more]