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How to Pass the Days in the NICU

Some time passes slowly in the NICU; some time flies by. It’s okay to distract yourself during these long days, weeks, or even months. [Read more]

The Best Thing You Can Do for Someone in the NICU

It’s a question that pops up in my inbox at least once a week: “I have a friend in the NICU. How can I help?” Well, I can tell you the absolute worst thing to say to your friend. “Please let me know if you need anything.” Chances are? She won’t. Not because she’s too […]

My Friend Had A Preemie: How Can I Help?

It’s the email that appears repeatedly in my inbox, the same message spelled out in different words each time from various kind hearted people around the country. Their friend or family member has just had a baby prematurely and while their stories are not all the same they each want to know “What can I […]