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10 Embarrassing Things Said by a NICU Dad

Our micropreemie, Zoey, was born at 24 weeks. She was our first child, so we were launched into the NICU with lots of questions and very different approaches to parenting. There are certain stand-out moments that in retrospect I appreciate, but at the time, I was embarrassed by them. Here are ten of the most […]

{Professional Insight} A Journalist Shares Her Take on Writing as Therapy

You never forget the day your preemie was born. You probably didn’t expect it. You definitely didn’t want it. And, if you’re like me, it led to many miserable days amid beeping machines, whimpering babies and occasional emergency procedures that made half your hair fall out. Blogging didn’t save my life. But it certainly helped. […]

In the NICU too long when…

Just for fun, let’s see how many ideas we can come up with!  I’ll start: You know you’ve been in the NICU too long when… You can identify every alarm when it goes off and you know what it’s for. You’re allowed to adjust your baby’s oxygen when she starts to desat. You’re perfectly comfortable […]