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You Are Not Alone

It’s a topic people don’t often talk about, infertility. It can be considered a “taboo” subject, yet it’s much more common than you may realize. 3 years ago, I was pregnant with triplets. That’s when I decided to go public with my struggles to get pregnant, and I soon learned that I wasn’t alone.

It’s ironic to look back at my life and see my plans for children. I spend my 20’s worrying about getting pregnant, but when I hit my 30’s, I tried everything to get pregnant, without any luck. I never thought in a million years that I would have trouble conceiving when I was ready. But month after month, that pregnancy test came back negative. And every month, my heart sank a little deeper. [Read more]

My Fertility Journey with a Uterine Septum

After my water broke, and I delivered my daughter seven weeks early, I often wondered why. Did I do something wrong? Would it happen again if I were to get pregnant in a few years? Most women who experience preterm labor ask themselves these same questions. Many times there aren’t answers. For me, I didn’t have any answers until my daughter was almost three months old. [Read more]

Sarah P’s Amazing Birth Story

My name is Sarah and I would like to share my birth story. First off, I am an OB/GYN by trade, my husband is a general surgeon and all the years of medical training could never prepare us for the birth of our precious miracle Maddie. Of course the road began with infertility… After 14 […]

Krista H’s Amazing Birth Story

Krista H shares the story of the birth of her twins at 23 weeks gestation after a difficult pregnancy and seven years of infertility and a miscarriage. Her daughter Adelaide was born at 1 lb 5 oz and earned her angel wings due to complications from NEC. Her surviving twin Henry is now home from the NICU and weighs 9 lbs 9 oz. Though they mourn the loss of Addie, they are focussed on staying strong for Henry and “plan to make his life beautiful.” [Read more]