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10 Tips for Enduring Isolation During RSV & Flu Season

Our 24-weeker first came from the NICU mid-flu and RSV season in 2008. We struggled to explain to people why we had to be so cautious and remain in isolation. We’ve spent 10 winters indoors with pneumonia, RSV, and hiding from epic outbreaks. Here’s what I learned: Isolation: Keep your home clean and germ-free 1. […]

Emerging from Isolation at the End of Cold, Flu & RSV Season

The days are getting longer and cherry blossoms and tulips are blooming. For most people these are signs of spring. If you’re a parent of a preemie, these aren’t just symbols of something new. These changes in nature signal the end of cold, flu and RSV season. We brought my son, Theo, home from his […]

NICU Friends Who Become Forever Friends

Within a 6-week span, we bought our first house, moved 400 miles to a new city, and became parents, 14 weeks early. We had no local support network. No church. No friends from work. No people to call in a pinch. No one to bake us casseroles or tie balloons on our mailbox. No one to walk our dogs or check our mail. We depended on our mothers who both lived hours and states away. They stayed with us for months while we commuted back and forth to the hospital. [Read more]

Surviving Isolation During the Holidays

So, you started isolation. You’ve loaded the pantry with the isolation artillery: Clorox wipes, masks, hand sanitizer, Lysol. You barely leave the house. You’ve become fast friends with the computer, your only link to everything happening outside your bubble. You and the family have settled into an isolation friendly routine. Limited trips in public, shoes off at the door, 2 minute hand scrubs, Lysol sweeps every few days and radar ears for any cough or sneeze within a 30 foot radius of your earshot.

And now? It’s the holidays. [Read more]

Navigating an Unexpected NICU Stay: The Boyd Family’s Story

Earlier this spring, Maggie and Nick Boyd were declared the winners of Hand to Hold’s NICU Grand Prize Giveaway, which offered them an opportunity to share their story and raise crucial funding to help further Hand to Hold’s mission. Their winning story gives them the opportunity to present a $5K prize package to their son’s […]