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RSV 101: What Every NICU Parent Needs to Know

For most infants, respiratory syncytial (sin-SISH-uhl) virus (RSV) causes an illness like a common cold in the upper and lower respiratory tracts. But some babies, including those born preterm and those with special health care needs, may be at high risk for a severe infection which can cause pneumonia or bronchiolitis, inflammation of the small […]

Tips to Stay Well During RSV Season

by Sel Unite, MD, Pediatrician at Treehouse Pediatrics Usually I enjoy a little bit of cold weather here in Austin. It’s a welcome break from some of the almost unbearable days of scorching heat in August and September, and it reminds me that Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. Unfortunately, at least from […]

Primary Nurses, A.K.A. Your Baby’s Guardian Angel

While our son was in the NICU, we had the opportunity to meet two wonderful people who helped our son thrive while he was there. I’m talking about his primary nurses. These people are a God send and I believe they are essential for your baby while they are in the NICU. Not to mention […]