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Tiny But Mighty

Since we beat the odds against delivering within 24 hours, we were hopeful I would continue for weeks. Unfortunately things changed that afternoon when I got up to use the bathroom.

The nurse asked if I was sure I did not feel anything unusual, and I assured her I just needed to use the restroom. When I sat down, I felt as if I had to urinate but could not. I instinctively reached down to feel something I knew was not right.

It was a baby’s head. [Read more]

Learning the Language of Grief: Telling a Twinless Twin About Their Twin

My son woke up tonight from a nightmare. He told me his best friend was dead. As a parent of a twinless twin, the symbolism was very difficult for me. A best friend. Dead. Could the image in his nightmare have been his brother? How do you go about telling a little boy that there […]

Finding Ways to Parent in the NICU

Sit.  Stare.  Pray.  Sit.  Stare.  Pray. . . Repeat every day for hours.  This pattern consumed me as a new NICU mom to micro-preemie twins.  Machines were keeping them alive, doctors were determining their course of care, and nurses were doing the rest.  Where did that leave me?  For the first couple of weeks that […]