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A Superhuman Power

Not every preemie needs blood, but for micro preemies, a blood transfusion can save a life. Stacey shares her story about blood transfusions that saved her life and extended that of one of her babies so she could enjoy 55 precious days with him. [Read more]

12 Tips for Getting Synagis Injections Approved

Getting Synagis injections approved by insurance companies can be cumbersome, but for me the threat of my babies catching RSV was always worse. So, I stumbled my way through several Synagis approval scenarios. Hopefully, these tips can make your Synagis quest a little easier. But first, it’s important to understand that there are general guidelines that […]

Raising Preemies: Does It Get Easier?

A new preemie mom asked me on my personal blog, “Does it get easier?”  – such a seemingly simple question to which I had no answer.  My answer would be “yes,” but I knew that was just our story.  It didn’t represent the entire preemie population, and had she asked me a year or two […]

10 Lessons My Preemies Have Taught Me

Though they weighed only a little over a pound each and though they arrived 16 weeks too early, they had some pretty important life lessons to teach me.  Life lessons were not on my mind as I spent countless hours in the NICU with my micro-preemie twins.  Nor was it on my mind when I […]

Embracing the “Elephant in the Room”

Women who don’t know my story will undoubtedly complain about some part of being pregnant. Isn’t that what pregnant women are supposed to do? They might go on to say something like, “I’m counting down the days” or worse, “I wish this baby would be born already.” I’m left standing there facing my own “elephant in the room” taking up all the space between my thoughts and what will actually make it to my lips. [Read more]